We understand recruitment as a mission, with the individual as the most important element in the process. This is why we created a team that is fully committed to creating just such a vision as the common good. We believe that caring about the development and the good of an employee also serves to develop your company. We understand success as client satisfaction and long-term cooperation.
In an increasingly demanding world, the need to have specialist Recruiters dealing with specialist roles is imperative to achieve the best results. CES has created a business model that enables our consultants to work with clients in a professional manner and deliver exceptional outcomes and service them efficiently. We endeavour to supply a quality and innovative service to all clients. Using this as our foundation and with an uncompromising focus on customer service, quality and ethical business practices, we have developed a reputation that has earned us the preferred niche supplier within:

• Construction
• Engineering

We define our expertise to include two main divisions, each providing an unrivalled service to a specialist area of the niche market. As business gravitates more to working with specialists, CES can be considered the logical choice if value, service and quality within the construction and engineering space.

Our strategy:

We believe that company culture, individual goals and values must align and this can only occur when we understand what makes our client tick. At CES we want to have a long term relationship with our clients, and that means understanding our clients business and recruitment needs i.e past, current and future goals. Our consultants are trained and encouraged to add value to our clients by investing time into researching and understanding your company needs, goals and values in order to engage in a thorough and structured Recruitment process

Advantages in Utilizing Our Services:

•  Our specialised niche in Construction and Engineering gives us a competitive edge to be the top of mind service provider in the sector through creation of a fully satisfied client base.
•  Our extensive referral network and head hunting  skills and our proactive recruitment of candidates who may not be seeking new employment.
•  Our exciting flexible sliding fees which we have designed specifically to meet our clients’ affordability.
•  Our endeavour is to provide simple, strong, fast, dynamic & responsive experience to our valued customers/clients in their quest for searching the best man-power available.
•  Our ability to capitalize on an established network of the most respected executives in the industry.
•  Our ability to identify and recommend qualified minority candidates.
•  Our ability to conduct the assignment in a timely and complete manner.
•  Our thoroughness in documenting reference and background checks i.e we do not merely ask for “two work related references.” rather, we request very specific references from candidates.
•  Our aim is not just to devote 100% of our time to ensure efficiency, honesty and honour in our service but we also strive to provide a cultural fit, matching the needs of both clients and candidates alike.